I love to read and do it for hours, everyday.  Always have.  I have worked it into our rhythm to read everyday.  Sometimes the monkeys do it when they wake up to 'get it over with'.  Sometimes we take our books to the club and read by the pool.  Lately my older Monkey has been reading to my parents on Skype.  We visit the library several times a week so sometimes we use this time to read by bringing the book we are reading to the library or just checking out new ones.  If I have an appointment or errands to run that the monkeys are with me- they bring books.  We have books in the car which I change out often.


  1. That's so awesome you've instilled that love for books in them. A mother's influence is all encompassing.

  2. You have great reading habits! I wish I was the same!

  3. am loving that the little monkey is reading about area 51.