We do worksheets.  They are not the highlight of the monkeys day or mine- but they are a good indicator of how well they understand a lesson.
I print out the sheets that they need to do for the week and they are kept in a folder with two sections- 'Done' and 'To Be Done'.
The idea is that they will eventually have the foresight to go into the folder and chose sheets to work on.  The reality is that during that small window of opportunity when they seem in 'the mood' to do them- usually if there is some reward or fun trip planned- I present a few sheets and set either a time limit: Do as much as you can in 30 minutes; or completion goal: finish two sheet and then we'll go.

Sometimes one of them is still working on them at the pool-
While the other one is done and playing!

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  1. Ren, I am really excited to read about your home education adventures! I totally agree: why limit the time you have to educate them? And travel with them instead of go to school with them. Hell, yeah! :) I haven't thought about it that much yet, just as a pie in the sky I'm not sure I actually want to eat or not, but these are really good reasons so far!