Home Education Workshops

I have yet to officially join any 'homeschooling groups' I'm not there yet and the whole religious aspect scares me off.  I do however believe in workshops that are offered through a distance learning campus in our town.  Last week we went to a two hour class called "Writers Block-Not" which gave us lots of creative ideas on how to continue to practice our writing.  It was hands on, engaged both me and the monkeys and we even made some friends.  


  1. well that is cool! i am like you and am put off by homeschooling groups for their religious aspect - it is one of the reasons i think i may have to let ez go to school first to make some friends! if i could find an alternative homeschooling group that would provide him with the social interaction he wants, i think we could avoid school. hoping kindergarten will be loads of fun...

  2. are all homeschooling groups religious? that would scare me off too.

  3. cool, good for you guys! We have a lot of homeschoolers in our town it seems, and I get the feeling many aren't "religious." I see h.s. families often at our public library.