Traveling In Your Home Town

I am a big believer of exposing the monkeys to different cultures.  Traveling is a passion of mine that I hope to impart on my children.  Unfortunately we can't travel all the time.  One of the ways that I keep the travel experience alive in our home is by hosting 'friends we haven't met' via  Couch Surfing.  We have been actively hosting and surfing through this organization for over three years.
Another way that we expose our children to various cultures is through food.  We live in a large metropolitan city with a plethora of ethnic restaurants and markets.  I try and make it a point to use our trips to the market as an educational tool.  We'll talk about the food and what it is used for.  We look up recipes and recreate meals we like. We try foods that we've never heard of.
Sometimes the monkeys don't like the smell or the taste- but that is all part of the experience.

Indian Market:

Polish Market: 

Mexican Market:

And here is a post I wrote about a trip to the
Asian Market

Here is a sampler dish from our favorite Indian Market Restaurant-

 And sometimes it is just a matter of getting a different type of soda to make them happy

How do you expose your monkeys to different cultures? 


  1. very cool. i like your style ren. and i think we expose ez to different cultures through food we eat - although he isn't very adventurous yet in the culinary sampling dept. and certainly by moving around from french/dutch st.maarten to latin miami. he's been to germany to visit our family and knows a bit of the language. i'm so excited to see you have a homeschool blog and am about to read all about it!

  2. y'all can surf on our couch anytime. don't know why you'd want to come here, but you're welcome :-) we can cook you up some briscuit and chicken fried steak, watch football, and drink beer.

  3. We like to travel too. My husband also loves to cook. A few of our favorites that he has made are begnet from New Orleans, butter chicken from India, empanadas from Argentina, Noquis from Argentina, and much much more. He makes us appreciate foods from everywhere.

  4. We definitely eat a LOT of ethnic food and try and talk about other cultures as much as possible. I love to travel, but that is not always feasible... especially to foreign cultures with young ones!