Geometry and Marshmallows

I got this idea from a math workshop we attended- Intent on 'buying myself some peace and quiet' I went to the dollar store and for two dollars picked up a bag of marshmallows (in this case chocolate?!) and a box of toothpicks-

The idea is to try and recreate as many two and three dimensional shapes as possible.
Then count how many sides the shape has and how many angles.
Constructing three dimensional shapes uses math manipulative's to give a clear sense of the faces, vertices's and edges of a shape. 

Try and make (2 Dimensional) 

Try and make (3 Dimensional) 
Rectangular Prism
Triangular Prism
Square Pyramid

By the end it was a free for all creative project that involved making intergalactic space ships.
One word of advice is to open the package of marshmallows prior to using them to give them the opportunity to dry out and harden a bit- 

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