Monkey One went as a Zombie Soldier, Monkey Two went as a Harlem Globetrotter
I found a AMAZING vintage Harlem Globetrotter shirt at my local second hand shop for 4 bucks- SCORE!

My mom made these beautiful candy bags for the boys- She sewed the bags then make custom appliqué 

We got together with two other families for a Halloween Chili Pot luck- I made corn bread
and our host had these delicious cookies for the adults. 
A post trick or treat pose

One of the highlights of my night was the kids auctioning and trading their candy afterwards.

And the next day the monkeys organized their candy by type-
We then counted and graphed them- everything is a lesson!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! 


  1. what cute costumes! serious score on the globe trotter top. they scored on the candy!!!! love the auctioning picture and your mom's fab bags too!

  2. They look awesome! And they scored a HUGE pile of candy. Woohoo!

  3. Great costumes! Looks like they made out well!